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Big brewpub in NW Portland, in a neighborhood where it's hard to walk more than a few blocks without finding a brewpub. Everything's all new and shiny, and there's a huge range of house-brewed beers: IPAs, dark ales, sours, and more.

First of the two Abbey Bars to open in NW Portland, with a modest taplist but a huge selection of bottled beers in the coolers. Cozy smallish place, nice neighborhood pub for beers with friends.

Newest of the two Abbey Bars in NW Portland, this one has a wider selection on tap, and range comes from several European nations, not just Belgium. Big wraparound bar and changing selection.

Smallish two-room pub for beer drinking on-premises or growler fills to take away. Simple and minimalist but lively.

Oregon's oldest craft brewery, dating back to 1984, when craft brewing was still a new idea. The pub has evolved and changed right along with its neighborhood, but is still popular. Order a Blue Heron or IPA and taste Oregon's brewing history.

Big Pacific-Northwest-themed brewpub in NW Portland's Pearl District. Wide range of house beers, from standard to seasonals and one-offs, and extensive food menu too. Easily accessed with Portland Streetcar.

Originating in Ohio, Fat Head's opened its Portland Pearl District store in November 2014. Huge roomy brewpub, pub food in gigantic portions, wide variety of house and guest beers.

There was the Lompoc Tavern in NW Portland ... and then there wasn't. The old place had to go along with the rest of the building when it was torn down. But now there's the new Lompoc Tavern, big wraparound bar, pub food, and Lompoc house brews. All is right again in this little boozy stretch of NW Portland.

Big beer hall with its own brewery and pizza kitchen. Big back room for special events, wide range of house-brewed beers on tap.

Rambling England-meets-Deadhead neighborhood pub in Northwest Portland with the usual McMenamins trappings of pub food and house ales. McMenamins pubs may be predictable, but as predictable goes, they're okay for a house brew and an inexpensive and filling meal. Eight pool tables for the players.

Rambling urban brewpub, Rogue's outpost in NW Portland with plenty of Rogue beer and pub food on hand. The location has its own Portland beer history too, being the original location of Portland Brewing way back in the 1980s.

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